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Forest School sessions

From January we will start and carry out some Forest school sessions with our Pre-school children, below is a plan of what will happen over the 8 weeks. We are all very excited by this and hope to continue it throughout the year with all children.

Woodlands Nursery 'Secret Garden' Forest School Plan.


Week 1 – Introduction with staff and a look at basic ideas, tools and techniques for future sessions. We will spend some time putting a plan together to suit the children who are coming, to suit the location and set up a basic infrastructure and talk about what sort of stuff we can use outside.


Week 2 – The children will be introduced to the secret garden and also to the 'explorers backpack'. We will look at using all our senses to investigate the secret garden and show the children all the possibilities of the area. Safety talk, boundaries and smile checks.


Week 3 – Earth; we will look at many aspects of the stuff under our feet.


Week 4 – Shelter; looking at homes, habitat, dens and nests.


Week 5 – Wood; introduction to sawing, splitting and whittling.


Week 6 – Rope; looking at rope, string, knots and teamwork.


Week 7 – Fire; starting, understanding and using fire.


Week 8 – Miscellaneous activities.


All sessions will be 3 hours long and will be flexible enough to allow plenty of time for exploration and discovery.


Each week we follow a basic theme which gives a central core to the activities, however as the children are drawn away they can lead us somewhere else. Child lead activities are an essential part of the sessions but we can slowly steer the attention back to the theme as and when we need to.

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