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Nursery Fees

Woodlands Fee Structure for January 2017


Registration Fee £60 (non- refundable)

Two children £75

Kids Club and Sibling (to existing parents) £45

For under 3 year olds prices include drinks, snacks, and prepared meals / solids, baby lotion and cotton wool. Nappies, wipes and formula milks are not included in the price.


Full day                                   (7.30am - 6pm)                                                           £47.00                                        

Full morning                           (7.30am-1pm)                                                             £33.00                                                              

Short day                                 (8.30am-3pm)                                                             £39.00                                                                        

Short Morning session            (8am-1pm)                                                                  £30.00

Afternoon session                   (1pm-6pm)                                                                  £30.00

Walter Evans School take to and pick-up service – Pre-school age only

Price for each bus transportation                                            £5.00

8am-12.30 and take to school only                                         £25.00

7.30-6pm with take to school and pick up                              £46.00

3.30-6pm pick up and aftercare                                              £12.50

Kids Club (5+ years attending school)

Full day (8.30am-5.30pm)                                                      £20.00

Morning (8.30am-12.30 midday)                                           £12.00

Afternoon (1.30pm-5.30pm)                                                  £12.00

Please ask if you require a change to the set sessions.

All fees are payable monthly in advance and may be paid by bank transfer, credit/debit card, cash or childcare vouchers through the work place.

Over 3 year olds

Fee structure for over three/four year old's claiming the Flexible Free Entitlement. This fee structure is for 38 weeks only. The remaining 14 weeks of the year are priced at our usual rates. We offer 3, 5, or 6 hours of funding per day.

Full day £47.00 (non funded)

Using 3 hours FFE per day £35.30

Using 5 hours FFE per day £27.50

Using 6 hours FFE per day £23.60

Using 7.5 hours FFE per day £17.75

Other sessions:

Full morning     (7.30-1pm) using 3 hours FFE per day £21.30

Short day         (8.30-3pm) using 6 hours FFE per day £15.60

Short morning  (8am-1pm) using 5 hours FFE per day £10.50

Afternoon         (1pm-6pm) using 5 hours FFE per day £10.50

Extra costs

Hourly rate                              £6.00

Hourly rate after 6pm             £9.00 per quarter hour

Full hour                                 £36.00 after 6pm

If you require any other sessions, please discuss this with the Nursery Manager. We will try to accommodate your individual needs.

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